ROSALYND is a graphic novel that I completed in parallel with SILVER Vol. 3. It is a prequel to the "Stealing the Silver Dragon" main SILVER arc, and lifts the veil on Rosalynd "Sledge" Van Helsing's origin story. 

The synopsis goes like this:

             Abram and Sara Van Helsing had always dreamt of a normal life for their young daughters Rosalynd and Bernice, but the family could never escape its mysterious and tormented history. In the winter of 1915, the vampires came with the first snow, and for Rosalynd, nothing would ever be the same.


Check out this fun trailer for Rosalynd

ROSALYND was a lot of fun to create, because, although it fits tightly in the mythology of the Silver universe, it has a completely different tone and presentation from the main series.


Wha's more, beyond the fun of the pulp adventure and mythology-building aspects of the piece, this project took my by surprise, with what turned out to be very personal overtones linked to my own family and family history (no we don't kill vampires). But if you want to know more about that, I've talked about it at length in the press, so feel free follow some of these links if you want to know more.

Meanwhile, here are just a few more random pages.