Here’s a fun little Psylocke cover-sketch I did. Just FUN!

FINAL RGB_v4_Flat.jpg
B_take2_Final copy.jpg

I am incredibly grateful for having had the good fortune to work on The Iron Giant. So one in a while, when an idea strike, I like to so a little "fan art" tribute, almost 20 years later. The one above came from a dream idea about a Wally Wood homage by way of IG. The one on the side is also my tribute to the DC artists of the Silver Age, Curt Swan, Wayne Boring, Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson (Sure I’m forgetting someone…) (Click on the images to enlarge).

For my musings and recollections of working on The Iron Giant, click here.


Where Is Everybody?!

The zombie piece below was done for a book of illustrations based on songs by the Nine Inch Nails. I was assigned the song Where Is Everybody. So I put on the headphones, and this is what came out. See my process images below.


Enter The Silver Universe

The piece below is marketing image I did for my graphic novel series SILVER. For more process content on composition and spotting of blacks, click here.

Cover for the French edition of SILVER (Glenat Comics), release May 2017

Cover for the French edition of SILVER (Glenat Comics), release May 2017

Here is the original on my drawing desk. The lighter background was drawn in grey Copic.

That's my French publisher Olivier Jalabert holding the finished book!

That's my French publisher Olivier Jalabert holding the finished book!

And that's the book spotted at FNAC (France's largest bookstore chain).

Bounty Hunter

I was invited to do a piece for Heavy Metal's 40th anniversary. Since Sternn was one of my favorite segments in the field, and I felt like paying the genius Bernie Wrightson a humble homage, well, I did this.

Truth be told, I struggled a little bit with this one. I first started with a completely different idea (the woman jumping on his back). There was something I really liked about the rough, but although I tried to execute it many different ways, it never came together. Then I realized I really needed to have Hannover Fist in it too, and the flying eye dude. I must admit I was nervous because the colors were different from what I usually do, but we debuted the print at SDCC 17, and people really connected with it, so there you have it...

First idea.

Idea #2

Yours truly standing in front of the original at the opening at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica


I am usually too busy for commissions, but I am able to slip one through once in a while. There is a backlog currently. If you absolutely need one, feel free to drop me a line, I always appreciate it.

Here are a few fun ones I've done in the last year, mostly fan art.


One that I found challenging was this Enemy Ace. I first approached it as a portrait, but felt I wasn't getting enough out of it so went with the composition below.


I have to be honest, portraits/likenesses are my kryptonite. That said, I had a blast doing this Bela Lugosi Dracula commission. The picture I used for reference was of an older Bela, so this may not be his face at its most iconic, but I'm happy with the hands, the fiendish look, and the over all physicality of it.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.51 PM.png

Here's FB live feed recorded while I was inking this piece, during which I discuss a wide variety of illustration-related topics.

And here is a color version.

And here is a color version.