My graphic novel series SILVER is published by Dark Planet Comics. It was nominated for the Russ Manning Award at San Diego Comic Con, and for the Geekie Award for Best Comic.  Click here for more info!


Full SILVER Boxset

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I am also amazed and humbled by the response SILVER received from these comics legends and heroes of mine:

Silver is so big, bold, and juicy! I absolutely love this book!
— BILL SIENKIEWICZ (Elektra: Assassin, Stray Toasters)
With Silver, Stephan Franck shows how much excitement can be packed into a fast-moving, thrilled filled story... Dynamic, unfussy black and white art, all in the service of speed and momentum...a really, really fun ride.
— TIM SALE (Batman: The Long Halloween)
With SILVER, Stephan Franck masterfully drives his narrative home. A breath of fresh air in the world of comics!
— TOMMY LEE EDWARDS (American Alien, Mother Panic)
Stephan Franck is a rare talent. He’s worked on so many amazing projects, stories many of us hold very dear, and he’s gathered up all those morsels of storytelling wisdom and dumped them into SILVER. It’s atmospheric but not broody, it’s funny but not quippy, touching but not sappy, and it’s vampires – REAL f***ng vampires. Stephan Franck is no joke!
— ANDREW MACLEAN (Head Lopper)
Great Book!
The artwork is stunning in black and white, and this series continues to be, not just a great pulpy adventure story, but excellence in comic book storytelling.

Yup, that's Jim Lee tweeting about SIlver!

UPDATE : Jim Lee does it AGAIN!

UPDATE: Jim Lee does it AGAIN!


Silver is published by various publishers around the world, such as GLENAT COMICS in France, and LESER & SCHREIBER in Germany. They often want their own covers for the books.

Cover for the French Edition of Silver (Glenat Comics), coming out may 2017

And it's the book, spotted in the wild at FNAC in Paris. Move over Justice League, the French love their Silver!

And it's the book, spotted in the wild at FNAC in Paris. Move over Justice League, the French love their Silver!

Watch trailers for SILVER Vol 1 & 2 below:


Just because you've made it this far, here are a few preview pages from Silver #8! 

I can't very well spoil what happens next, can I...

However, I can say that issue 8 gets deliciously psychedelic with a flashback sequence that will not only break your heart, but also SPINS OFF into a one-off issue ROSALYND that will be just as much of a trip, and a companion to SILVER Vol 3.


Yup, this will be a wild one!

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